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The enticement of solid hardwood flooring

Your flooring should be one of the most important aspects of your home, especially when that flooring is solid hardwood. It’s not only decorative in nature, but it is also functional as well. It has to provide you with a level of durability in addition to being something you don’t mind looking at for many years to come. The benefits in this material match well with exactly what it’s supposed to do and you’ll find yourself loving the way it looks and performs. Better still; the lifespan you’ll get from these floors could far exceed your use of the home itself.

At Warriors Construction Group, we put our more than 20 years of experience in home improvement to work for you and your home. We are fully equipped, carrying a great selection of flooring and supplies, in addition to being licensed and insured fully. This adds extra peace of mind for your flooring experience. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the dedication we have towards customer satisfaction, and the professional, friendly staff we have in place to make that a reality for you. Be sure to plan a visit to our Hyattsville, MD showroom, so that we can offer all of these experiences to you personally.

Making the most of hardwood flooring

In choosing solid hardwood flooring, you’re going to enjoy the process of choosing your options. You’ll get to fully personalize your look with aspects that match your own requirements and personality. For instance, choosing the specific type of wood you choose helps to create a great performance. Since species are rated from very soft to very hard, and everything in between, it’s important to match the activity level of your home with the right one. Choosing a species that is too soft can result in premature wear and result in a reduced lifespan.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Chilum, MD from Warriors Construction Group
Many stain color options are available, but many of them will be dependent on whether you choose prefinished wood, or site finished. Prefinished offers you an expedited installation, as the stain and finish are already applied. Site finished, on the other hand, offers great flexibility in stain and finish choices, although your installation will take a bit longer. Many homeowners prefer to take the time to get exactly what they want in their flooring and choose site finished.

We highly advise a professional installation service with this material. Your flooring specialist can discuss this in further detail.

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